Proficient in using Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, After Effects, Procreate, and Indesign
The New England Institute of Art, Boston, MA, 2012- 2014
Media Arts & Animation Coursework including advanced studies and projects in 2D Art Animation.

Lesley University, 2021-current, Adjunct Professor:
Teaching 2D Character Animation and Principles of Animation 2, giving students the tools and confidence they need to draw and animate living, acting characters, and objects through repetitive and sequential drawings using Adobe Animate.
Netflix Animation, 2021-2022, (4 months), Freelance 2D Prop Designer:
Working as a 2D prop and fx designer for an unannounced animated series.
Lakeshore Learning Materials, 2021 (5 months), Contract Concept Illustrator:
Art Directed and created a series of Phonics Readers children’s books, as well as illustrating concepts, and designing for children’s products
Harmon Brothers Agency, 2021 (4 months), Freelance 2D Character and Prop Designer :
Worked as a character designer and prop designer for an online kids' show.
PTC, 2017- 2021, Illustrator and Animator :
Created storyboards, product designs, illustrations, and animation to help promote, teach, and market PTC products.
RISD, 2018-2019 ,Continuing Education Instructor:
Teaching the Introduction to Animation course which students become familiar with 2D animation tools (Animate, After Effects, and Photoshop) as well as learning the 12 Principles of Animation.
Relevant24, 2015-2017, Illustrator : 
Illustrated characters using brand guidelines to also illustration, storyboard, and animation assets for multiple brands’ social contents. Brands include TBS, Turner NBA, Statefarm, Hitachi, LastPass, and JoinMe.
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